Daughter’s Graduation


Last week was my daughter’s six grade graduation, in an attempt to do something special with her hair I decided to try Bantu Knots. My oldest daughter has very thick wavy /curly hair (type 3 a) that tangles very easily.

My youngest daughter has less thick hair, loose curls when dry and ringlets when wet (type 3 b).

I decided to try Bantu knots on both of them to see how it would turned out. We started by washing, conditioning the hair with Tresemme Luxurious Moisture. By the way, I use the same because it makes my hair so soft and manageable. Then I applied Shea Butter leave in conditioning to their wet hair. Instantly their hair became soft and shiny.

The next day even though it was graduation day, daughter #1 still had to go to school so instead of styling her hair right away I decided to attach the knots into a ponytail.

I decided to style daughter #2 that morning because it didn’t matter if her curls came undone since it was a regular day for her. This was the end result!

By midday I picked up daughter #1 to bring her home to do her hair and get dressed, her teacher was already raving about how nice her hair looked. After styling it, I am happy to report that her hair looked absolutely fabulous. Considering that day was extremely hot and humid (43°c / 110°f), her curls managed to stay intact and frizz free.

She looked so pretty! (sigh…)


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