Eat healthy, Meditate and get inspired!


There are three things I enjoy doing on top of all the chaos in my life. When I feel stressed I like to take a few minutes out of my busy life to meditate. When I close my eyes I often picture animals, seasons, flowers, mountains, oceans even places I would like to visit someday. Meditation releases the stress and tension from my mind and for some reason makes me calmer and more focused. It also helps me overcome anxiety and experience inner peace.

I also enjoy cooking! I don’t necessarily like to cook everyday but I do enjoy collecting new recipes.  I love Thai, Indian, Haitian food and many more. Obviously I don’t eat those types of food on a daily basis because I try to set a good example for my girls, I try as much as I can to serve healthy meals at supper time, fresh fruits and vegetables are always available as opposed to sugary snacks and of course a nice home cooked meal at the end of the day.

And finally I would like to share a collection of some of my favorite inspirational quotes that I keep on my computer, by my desk at work etc… whenever I’m feeling down, or things are not going my way I turn to my quotes for inspiration and wisdom.


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