Monthly Archives: October 2012

Update 5 months!!!


Wow time flies where you are having fun!   It’s been over  5 months since my big chop and I am getting ready to celebrate my 6th month anniversary with a trim.  I almost gave myself a little trim last Sunday but for some reason I got nervous so I decided to do it on the 5th of November.

My hair is growing… but I don’t notice it as much.  People are starting to notice my hair on a daily basis since I tend to change hairstyle.  Even my supervisor gave me a nice compliment the other day when I went to work with mini twists pinned in a nice hairdo.

I feel a lot more confident about wearing my hair “au naturel”, I have this {{ I don’t really care what you think about my hair, I think it’s beautiful regardless of what you think so keep your criticism to yourself, unless you are ready to give me a nice compliment}}  attidude right now.

So ladies if you are reading this, don’t forget to rock your hair with pride and confidence!!!  Do it for the next generation.


Infinity Scarf


Where I live in Ottawa it is getting cold, specially in the morning.  While I enjoy the changing of the leaves in fall,  I am not a big fan of how cold and rainy this season brings.  To prepare myself mentally and physically for the winter I came across this YouTube video by   on how to wear an infinity scarf.  They come in different sizes and there are so many ways you can wear them.  If you are like me (always freezing) you might want to invest in one.  Check out the tutorial on how to wear them.