6 Month Anniversary update!!


1. I am so happy to have crossed a small milestone!  I am so committed to stay natural and loving every minute of it.  While watching a fellow natural on YouTube this morning she said that natural has become more than just hair, it has also become a spiritual journey.  This is the way I feel as well, since I became natural I seem to be more at peace with myself,  I thrive to be healthy physically, mentally, spiritually.  I hope if you are reading this post and you are also natural you will use this hair journey to change things in your life and look outside the box.  I hope you will thrive to become a better person, eat healthy, exercise, meditate,  and enjoy life.

2. I had my first trim.

3. I am now wearing a protective style to give my hair a little break from manipulation and also to protect my hair from the cold weather.  My goal is to leave the Kinky Twists until Christmas and re-do them over the Christmas holidays.  Here is a picture of the final result.

4. Last month I hennaed my hair for the moisturizing aspect of it, I love how my hair felt thicker, then I decided to add indigo + Henna  for a little colour, I was aiming for a medium brown,  I was a little disappointed because the colour turned out much darker than anticipated.   I might have to play with the amounts to achieve the desired colour.  Stay tuned!!!…

Check out   as she was my “ha ha moment of the week!”


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