Update… where have I been?


I know I haven’t been writing much on my blog, first of all I have been feeling under the weather for a least a month, let me tell you “Vertigo” is no joke.  I am finally on some good medication that seems to be working.  In the midst of my chaos, I have been somewhat neglecting my hair because I just had no energy to stand and do my hair.  I am celebrating my 10th month nappyversary this month!   My hair is growing and healthy but I did discover a small bald spot at the front of my hair so I have been treating it with “Miss Antilles” and now I can see that the hair is slowly growing back.

In case you are wondering what is “Miss Antilles?”… it is With Panthenol, essential oils and phytoproteins. Specially developed for brittle and damaged hair, the superactivated MULTICROISSANCE lotion clearly slows down hair loss, activates growth and stimulates scalps. Rich in purifying and softening active ingredients, this lotion prevents the appearance of dandruff and its consequences.

How to use: The treatment should be followed for 2 months. Every evening , apply the lotion line by line and massage to make the product penetrate. do not rinse. Avoid any contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.

miss antilles


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