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Easy DIY Piñata


1. Decide on the shape that you’d like to piñata to be. I chose a Maple leaf because if was Canada Day.
2. Draw the shape on a large piece of cardboard and cut out.
3. Trace the shape that you cut out on another piece of card board and cut out.
4. For the edge cut several long pieces of cardboard around 4-6 inches wide.
5. Use masking tape or painters tape to put the pieces together. You will also need to put creases in the cardboard to shape it to your design. It‘s pretty quick to do. Mine took around 15 minutes.
6. Make sure you reinforce the top and bottom of the piñata. This will make it more secure when you fill it with candy and for hanging it.
7. The amount of tape you use depends on who’s going to be breaking the piñata. For young children (2-9yrs old) I recommend using small strips of tape. If you’re building one for older kids and adults I’d recommend taping all the seams.


8. Once your piñata is built you’ll need to decorate it. Before you begin decorating it I’d recommend covering the whole thing with plain paper. This will strengthen in and hide all the tape you used. Just grab some letter paper and glue it on, making sure that you cover the edges too.
9. There are several ways to decorate and both ways take a bit of time. We chose to put little balls of streamer paper on ours. Take streamer paper and cut it into small squares (approx. 2” x 2”). Crumple up the paper and then dip the end in a bit of glue. Press firmly on the piñata. Repeat until the whole side is covered.
10. Flip the piñata on its finished side and cut a square hole the unfinished side. The hole should be large enough to fit the candy through. Only cut three of the 4 sides so that it’s like a door. Once you’ve added the candy. Close the opening and tape it securely.
11. Continue adding your decoration of crumpled paper until the side in completely covered.
12. When both sides are complete stand the piñata on its edge to allow the glue to dry.
13. Poke a hole through the top of the piñata and pull a thick string through. You want it to be strong enough that it won’t break from the weight of the candy in it and also from the people hitting it with a stick.
14. Hang from a tree and let the fun begin.